Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dale & Tammy : Grass Lake Wedding Photography

Dale is my best friend's dad. When he and his fiancee asked if I would also capture their wedding, I was delighted. Not only did I get to spend the day with great friends, but it was also in Grass Lake! Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son performed too! It was a fantastic day!

wedding cake with flowers

wedding rings closeup photography

I loved how Tammy's ring was a puzzle piece to her engagement ring.

Bride and groom snuggle

They cuddled the whole ceremony.

Backyard wedding ceremony

I do ring exchange

Mother and daughter portraits

 Mother & Daughter

Father daughter portraits photographer

 I got some really touching moments with her and her dad.

Girls day out portraits

 Tammy had a lot of close friends come celebrate!

Grass Lake Michigan Backyard Wedding bride and groom in field

There was an amazing field in her backyard.

Bridal portraits in field

Bridal portraits in field

bride and groom laugh together wedding photographer

 These two laughed the whole day!

Best michigan wedding photographer bridal portrait

HDR bridal portrait clouds stunning field

The clouds were amazing.

Bride portrait, older woman

groom portrait older man

bride and groom backyard portraits

Bride and groom dance in backyard wedding michigan

 They danced the night away in his backyard!

Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son grass lake

Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son

 Backyard reception party lights

They know how to party!

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