Friday, October 7, 2011

Josh + Lisa : Engaged!

This past weekend I traveled up to Mount Pleasant, MI to do an engagement session for Josh and Lisa. The weather was gorgeous and we got a lot of fun shots. Josh and Lisa were engaged in an antique pink Mustang. (I know, right?) So of course we had to get pictures with the car where the journey started. But before that, we started out the session by taking pictures in the lab where they met on CMU's campus!


While we were strolling through the park, we saw a woodchuck. I had to grab a quick shot. He didn't seem to mind us, but was not amused when I asked him how much wood he could chuck.

Here's their adorable dog, Cole. What a good puppy!

And then to the beautiful 'Stang!

He told her that they were going to look at a pink Mustang because he wanted to buy it. She thought this was quite rediculous, but went along with it. Luckily she did, because while they were in the front seat, he popped the question!

Congratulations Josh and Lisa! Can't wait for your wedding next September!

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