Monday, July 25, 2011

Shergo + Debbi : Cinemagraph

Shergo and Debbi traveled all the way from Las Vegas to get married on blue lake at Shergo's parents lake cottage in Mecosta, MI. We could not have had more beautiful weather. They were so easy going and happy the entire day.

I asked them if they would like to participate in a ground-breaking experimental technique called a cinemagraph, and they were more than happy to try it out. So behold, I unveil my very first cinemagraph ever below. What is a cinemagraph you ask? Why just look closely at the image below and you should see that some parts are not quite as still as the photograph would seem.

Not only do theses babies look good on the web, think about how they would look in your house. That's right, with the technology of digital picture frames, you could have a picture that looks like a still photo until you take a second look. At this point almost everyone I talk to says, "It's just like Harry Potter!".

Thank you so much Shergo and Debbi for being my guinea pigs for this concept. I will have more stills of the beautiful wedding up later today, so stick around!

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