Monday, December 22, 2008

The Holidays

Well, it's officially the "slow season" in the photography world. At least here in cold, wintery Michigan.I had the opportunity earlier this month to volunteer my services for the 126 Network Signal Company of the National Guard. A coworker of mine is the commander and was in charge of putting on a Christmas party for the soldiers and their families. I know it was a big job to undertake, and I was only too happy to volunteer for family portraits and portraits of the kids with Santa. I brought my photo printer with me and drove to Kalamazoo in the blowing snow to take portraits and print them as fast as I could. The families were very grateful to have Christmas portraits. It was a big turnout and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. The kids all got a bag full of gifts from Santa, and there were raffle prizes, bingo, and good food.

Here are all the soldiers from the Unit.

And a picture with Santa

Thanks for your service to our country!

We adopted families at work, and I couldn't think of anything to give them. I'm very low on funds for the holiday season, and I couldn't justify giving to only one family and not the others. So I decided, why not donate myself? I wrote a letter to each family to offer free portrait sessions and I can't wait to hear from them. I really hope they enjoy it. This time of year is the giving season, and often we forget that it's not just the giving of material things, but the giving of oneself.

I had an impromptu family portrait session for the owner of where I work. He was in a jam and needed Christmas cards fast. So we went to the ice rink to do a few shots. It was so much fun shooting on the ice.

Action Shot!

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